M.A.R.E. from eighties, follows aquaculture activities, particularly for shellfish. M.A.R.E. performs technical assistance to individual companies and associations through:

  • Feasibility studies.
  • Design and technical assistance to the realization of aquaculture facilities in marine and brackish waters;
  • Finding legislative financial opportunities, iter of the process of granting practices and financing;
  • Technical expertise in aquaculture facilities with regard to compliance of the project, the facility condition and the evaluation of potential damages;
  • Control of environmental parameters in the various stages of the production process, also aimed at the classification of the production areas;

Over the years it has also made several researches aimed at diversification of shellfish production, related to clam, hairy mussel, scallop, flat oyster and cupped oyster. He also developed and tested both sea bream and sea bass farms in off-shore installations in the Adriatic.