Services to Companies

M.A.R.E. provides advice and technical assistance regarding to the fisheries and aquaculture companies:

  • Service of assistance to the management of safety and health on board;
  • Technical support services and planning for fishing enterprises, on boats, equipment and gear;
  • Design and technical assistance to the realization of aquaculture facilities in marine and brackish waters;
  • Finding legislative financial opportunities, iter of the process of granting practices and financing;
  • Technical expertise in aquaculture facilities with regard to compliance of the project, the facility condition and the evaluation of potential damages;
  • Control of environmental parameters in the various stages of the production process, also aimed at the classification of the production areas;
  • Application of manuals of good hygiene practices and good manufacturing practices to primary production.

Moreover, for some years, it was implemented the SERVICE FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF SAFETY IN THE WORKPLACE, with reference to work on board fishing vessels, which allows fishing companies to receive continuous assistance with the formalities required by the specific legislation.  

The issue of security in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors is certainly important and a priority as it is in all areas, but, in these specific areas of security management is more complex due to the multiplicity of subjects and reference standards. With the intention of offering a working proposal that is both comprehensive of all the formalities, but simple in its management, Coop. M.A.R.E. has harnessed his professional expertise and the experiences and relationships with fishermen, farmers and the institutions and the reference control organs.