Reports and technical reports



2015 - Final report: "Summary data on the trend of fishing in the High Adriatic regions in the period 2000 - 2012"

2013 - Final report: "Survey addressed to the production qualification of oysters (Crassostrea Gigas) from aquaculture in the Adriatic" Part1; Part2; Part3 

2012 - Final report: ""Quality and sustainability. Seasonal characterization of Chamelea Gallina and sustainable management of the stocks."

2011 - Final report: "Controlled accretion of the sea snail Nassarius mutabilis. Second phase."

2011 - Final report: "First observations concerning restocking interventions in the Emilia-Romagna coastal waters"

2010 - Final report: "Enhancement of fish products of Emilia-Romagna through the study of  seasonal evolution of nutritional quality" 

2009 - Final report: "Controlled growth of sea snail Nassarius mutabilis. First phase"

2008 - Final report: "Studies for the development of the long snail (Hinia reticulata)" (Annex 1; Annex 2)

2008 - Final report: "Evaluation of the qualitative characteristics of the different species in genus Anadara"

2008 - Technical report: "Trawling: rationalization and selectivity"

2006 - Final report: "Definition and coding of a path for the certification of extensive aquaculture products of the Comacchio valleys."

2006 - Final report: "Studies and surveys aimed at improving the mussel farming in Emilia-Romagna"