M.A.R.E., since the first years of its founding, has provided technical assistance to fishing and aquaculture businesses as regarding feasibility studies, design and technical support for the realization of mussel farms in marine and brackish waters; legislative and financial research for opportunities and the request for financing from state concession practices. 


It also carries out assessments on aquaculture facilities with regard to compliance to the project, the facility status and the assessment of any damages. Since 1996 M.A.R.E. has been a consultant for the Lega Pesca on the application of Community directives on the health and hygiene of fish products. Since 2003 M.A.R.E. has also been an observer and consultant to associations like: A.M.A.; Lega Pesca within the International Association A.E.P.M.; E.M.P.A. at the Brussels table for sanitation issues on fish products.


 Curriculum Vitae MARE, July 2021